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Episode #12 - Ideation - Tips to Generate the Best Ideas by Jennifer Cyphers

We speak with Jennifer Cyphers, the CEO and Founder of Pynwheel, about ideation and the best ways to generate ideas.

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Rentbits Rental Talk

The Rentbits Podcast is hosted by Dan Daugherty. It features off-the-cuff interviews with property managers and landlords of various experience levels. Check out new shows below and subscribe to our Podcast on other services.

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Our mission is to make renting and managing long term rentals as simple as booking a hotel online.

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5 years ago

Episode #2 - AirBnB, Zillow Offers and Supply and Demand

Dan speaks with the President of Your Castle Real Estate, Charles Roberts. Charles talks about investing in Colorado real estate and the effects of AirBnb and Zillow offers on supply and demand. [Read more]

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5 years ago

Episode #1 - Marijuana, Pets and the Colorado Rental Market

In our very first episode of Rentbit Rental Talk, we speak with Marc Cunningham, the President of Grace Management, one of the largest property management companies in Colorado. [Read more]

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