The Rentbits story

The year was 2005, and our founder Dan Daugherty was working at Google where he helped launch and run Mt States operations as their 300th employee, but always one to seek out new opportunities, Dan felt the itch to take on a new challenge and dove into real estate.

It didn't take long for Dan to create a strong portfolio of rental properties. Things were moving along quickly but then, unexpectedly, Dan ran into a brick wall filling vacancies. As he started creating online ads to find the right renters, he discovered there were way too many sites he had to list on in order to get the number of leads that he wanted. After days turned into weeks of tireless hours spent creating postings. Dan was left frustrated (not to mention, exhausted.) There had to be a better way. An entrepreneur at heart, Dan saw opportunity. He decided to take a leap and quit his job at Google - Rentbits was born!