Searching For Rental Properties

You may search for properties by entering a city and state or a zip code in the Location entry field, and clicking on search.

You may further refine your results by specifying a price range and/or # of desired bedrooms. For a more specific search, you may click on the advanced search option and define any combination of criteria.

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Contact Information for a Specific Property
Click on the 'Check Availability' button within the results list for the desired property. This will open a new window with additional details and contact information for the selected property.

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Posting less than 20 properties on

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Hosting more than 100 properties

Single Family Units or Apartment Communities
You may submit your rental properties to using either one of the following methods:
  1. Generate and post a feed file. If you currently generate a feed file for other rental sites this is the preferred approach. Steps to submit a feed file as follows:
    ->Review the xml specifications. Develop feed file in the format specified and generate feed file.
    ->Once the file has been submitted, indicate the url and fill out company information via

  2. Request that crawl your site. This does not require any code or development on your part. Please submit a request to crawl your site via
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