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Insights, Marketing, Reputation Management and Training and Tracking

Save 50% to 75% by centralizing your marketing, tracking and reputation management programs


Increase the online presence of your community and generate more traffic to your website with our Lead generation and Direct Traffic platform.

Long tail sites link back to your site image.

With prospects searching across multiple websites, it has never been more important for communities to maximize their online presence. Insights provides placement on over 70 relevant long tail sites in an effort to pickup where ILS's and CraigsList leave off. Leads are generated as a result of specific search behaviors by the potential resident and historically convert at a higher rate. To further assist with conversions, links are provided on many of the sites in an effort to drive traffic directly to your community website(s).

Reputation Management

Centralize, monitor and manage reviews, social mentions and local content of your communities and that of your competitors' with the Insights Reputation Management Tool.

Long tail sites link back to your site image.

Over 50% of potential residents will consult a ratings/review site when looking for an apartment. This tool will centralize reviews from the most influential review sites (Google+, Yelp, ApartmentRatings etc.), and provide an easy to use response platform to assist in review management.

Evaluate any social media initiatives that may exist by tracking Posts, Fans and Followers along with any social mentions about your brand or community. According to Google, over 20% of all searches are now location based.

Manage your local content by ensuring your property locations are claimed across all major search engines. Track rankings for specific keyword initiatives to evaluate how these efforts map against your competitors.

Training and Tracking

Measure performance across all of your advertising sources and listen to any call on demand to evaluate lead quality with the Insights Tracking and Training solution.

Long tail sites link back to your site image.

Tracking solution assigns a unique phone number to each advertising source and displays lead delivery data in one central dashboard without having to download any software. Listen to any call on demand to help train onsite staff and evaluate lead quality per source.

  • Testimonial is more than a source of advertising to Waterton Residential… they are a true business partner and an extension of our marketing department. Waterton Residential really appreciates their amazing service, outstanding product and proven results.
    —Virginia C. Love
    VP Training and Marketing: Waterton Residential