Data Feeds Documentation

We offer two methods of data loads:
  1. Full Overlay - you send us all current postings. We remove any ads found in our database
    that no longer exist in your data feed, update any existing ads, insert any new ads found in the data feed.
  2. Incremental - you send us only new postings, changes to existing ads, or deletes that have occurred
    since the last data feed.
The choice as to which method you choose depends on your existing processes and which method will
be easiest for your company to follow when generating the data feed.

Deleting Ads

Ads will be deleted if
Incremental data load method and delete indicator is set for a specific ad or if
Full Overlay mode and ad is no longer included in the your data feed.

Data Feed Processing
  1. Rentbits will poll for new Data Feeds daily
  2. Rentbits will process the Data Feed and update the Rentbits database within 24 hours of
    receipt of that data feed.

Please find the XSD and sample XML and description as follows:





ads Element Required XML root element containing ad elements
ad Element Required XML ad element
cv Numeric

Required Version of the xsl that is being utilized.
Value: 1.2
siteUrl URL Required Url of the source site.
method String[1] Required Indicator of data load type.
Values: (O) - Overlay, (I) - Incremental
market String[1] Required Type of rental market.
One of the following values
R - Single Family Home listing
A - Apartment Community listing
commName String[64] Optional Name of the community. This field is required if market = A for the ad
action String[1] Optional Indication as to the action that is to be performed by rentbits in relation to this ad.
Values: (U) - Add/Update existing ad, or (D) - Delete existing ad
NOTE: This element is required if you have chosen the "Incremental" Data Feed method
and will be blank of "Full Overlay" method.
address/line1 String[128] Required Address line 1 of the rental unit location
address/line2 String[64] Optional Address line 2 of the rental unit location
address/city String[128] Required City of the rental unit location. Please use the city full name as recognized by the US Post office
address/province String[16] Required Province or state code of the rental unit location. For the United States and Canada,
please provide the two character code as recognized by the USPS and Canada Post
address/postal String[16] Required Postal or zip code of the rental unit location. This field is not required if
non-US or Canadian location. For the United States and Canada please provide the five character
numeric (US) or alpha numeric (CA) code
Example: 68154
address/country String[2] Required Country of the rental unit location. Please use the two character country code
as outlined in ISO 3166
Example: US
latitude Decimal Optional Latitude of the property
Example: 30.023433
longitude Decimal Optional Longitude of the property
Example: -12.845732
url URL Required URL of the ad posting on it's source site. This is the URL that will
be used to re-direct the customer to your source site when they request additional
information regarding the rental unit
type String[16] Required The Type of rental unit. Rentbits will support the following rental types:
A (Apartment), D (Duplex), C (Condo), H (House), T (Townhome), V (Villa), L (Loft)
If type other than as noted above, please pass full description
Example: A -or- Vacation Villa
headline String[128] Required Title or short headline for the specific posting
Example: Gorgeous Loft in Downtown
description String[1k] Required Description of the rental unit
Example: Brand new unit located in Downtown/City Center. The property has hardwood and tile floor throughout. Huge bathroom with whirlpool tub
floorPlan String[64] Optional Floor plan name or id.
price numeric Required Monthly rental price of the unit in numeric or decimal format.
Any decimal places will be removed when posting is displayed on RentBits
Example: 1750.00 -or- 1750
priceMax numeric Optional The max/highest price listed for this rental unit or floor plan if price range is defined on the source ad.
priceCurr String[3] Optional Three character ISO code as outlined in ISO4217 of the currency associated with the rental price
If not given USD is assumed.
beds String[1] Required Number of Bedrooms for the rental unit. If studio indicate as S
Example: 1, 2, 3, .. or S
Note - If bedrooms is defined as a range, Rentbits will apply the lowest value as the # of bedrooms for display
baths String[3] Optional Number of Bathrooms for this unit. Half bath should be defined as .5
Example: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 ...
area Numeric Optional Total Square footage of this rental unit
areaMax Numeric Optional Max/Highest Square Footage for this rental unit or floor plan if range is defined on source ad.
sqt String[1] Optional Unit of measurement associated with the square footage. This field is required if area is defined
Values: F (Square Feet) -or- M (Square Meters)
floor String[128] Optional Text indicating the type of flooring within the rental unit, comma delimited if multiples
Example: Tile, Carpet, Hardwood
garage String[128] Optional Text indicating the type of garage (if any and known) available with this unit
Example: 2 Car garage
pets String[128] Optional Information regarding the pet policy for the unit such as pets allowed,
pets not allowed, No pets, cats only, small dogs and cats, deposit required etc.
This text can be as specific or as vague as currently available on the source site for this unit
Example: No Pets Allowed, Cats Only, Cats and small dogs. $25 deposit required
deposit Numeric Optional Amount of deposit required to secure the lease in numeric or decimal format.
Any decimal places will be removed when posting is displayed.
Example: 1250.00 -or- 1250
lease String[255] Optional Terms of the lease such as Yearly, X years, X Months, month to month, or Negotiable.
Multiple options may be passed as comma delimited
Example: Yearly, 3 Months
amenities String[255] optional Comma delimited list of amenities available for this unit. The format and content
of the data passed within this field will vary depending on how your site stores and displays amenities.
Include any information detailed on your site that would be considered an amenity (could be detailed within
multiple fields or formats)
Example: Air Conditioning, Deck, dishwasher, doorman, cable,
Appliances: Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Heating: Central Air, Gas Heat
includes String[255] optional Comma delimited list of utilities included in the rent amount
Example: Gas Heat, Water, Trash, Electric, Heat, Cable, Internet
furnished Boolean Optional If your site is able to identify furnished or un-furnished sites, please indicate as follows:
Y (Yes) -or- N (No) -or- 1 -or- 0
sec8 Boolean Optional Section 8 available
Y (Yes) -or- N (No) -or- 1 -or- 0
img1 URL optional Image URL
img2 URL optional Image URL
img3 URL optional Image URL


Generate a Feed File for

- best for property owners or managers that have a large number of properties and that have some
experience generating a file containing unit/property details for use by external sources.