sep Apartment Living: Pet Peeves You Didn’t Know You Had

Apartment Living: Pet Peeves You Didn’t Know You Had

December 9, 2009 – 11:41 am

It wasn’t until I was all settled into my 2nd floor apartment that a new set of relentless nuisances developed. Having never lived in an apartment before, I had not known to pay attention to the seemingly inconsequential details of an apartment that later turned into my worst nightmare. Below is a list of potential nuisances to watch out for and perhaps use as a rule of thumb for living priorities:

  • Mold or mildew: This really is the invisible monster. It can cause serious allergy issues and potentially make the apartment impossible to live in. I knew someone who lost 5 months of rent on a place she could not live in.
  • Loud dogs: It may seem like the type of nuisance that you could get over, however, asking around could not hurt. You don’t want to constantly wake up in the middle of the night because the un-trained, erratic pet next door is too loud.
  • A musical neighborhood: Check to see if there are any businesses nearby that play loud music. Everyone enjoys tunes now and then but do you really want to fall asleep to the bass of a techno song?
  • Cigarette smoke: Every building has a window or two that is nearest to the smoker’s spot at the entrance of the building. I would advise potential tenants to make sure that cigarette smoke is not constantly entering through the window.
  • Smelly garbage: Identify the location of your floor’s trash receptacle or the building’s dumpster. Similar to the cigarette smoke situation, the smells that emanate from trash bins can make for an uncomfortable living situation if they enter a room in your apartment.
  • Child play: Depending on your own situation, children who live next door or above could become the type of nuisance that has no solution. If the walls are thin, just the action of constant running around is enough to drive a neighbor crazy. But children will be children so look into it before moving in.
  • Traffic noise: One of the precedents that goes along with living in a city or on a busy road is traffic noise. Both homes that I lived in during my childhood were on busy roads. Luckily this set me up for life and gave me the ability to fall asleep in the middle of a rock concert if necessary. However, not everyone is a deep sleeper. If this is a potential issue for you, look for commuter shortcuts, nearby traffic lights, and highway entrances/exits.

These are just a few examples, from personal experience, that I can point out. But use logic to figure out your own pet peeves. Think of the comforts you have now, think of the differences between where you live now and where you are looking to live. And most importantly, don’t get caught up in the excitement of getting a new place. Make a list of things you cannot tolerate and check it off every time you look at a new apartment. A little organization ahead of time could help your next place become a peace haven. View more questions to ask before renting an apartment here.

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