sep Photos in Rental Ads

Photos in Rental Ads

July 18, 2012 – 1:14 pm

 When you are browsing the internet in your free time or taking a five minute work break, what makes you stop and take a second look?


Its human nature to be drawn in my images. Multiple photos draw a person into an article or ad and influence them to click and read more. Images are the backbone of an advertisement. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is very true in the world of rental advertising. Images of the home or apartment you are trying to rent are very important. If you describe your home or apartment as “luxurious and spacious” back these claims up with a picture! Rental ads that display multiple photos are viewed 299% more than an ad with zero to one photo.

♦What makes a good photo to use in your rental ad?♦

1-  Take images with a wide range of view, don’t focus in on any one thing in a room. Stand in a doorway to take your pictures to capture as much of the room as possible in your image. The picture below is a beautiful picture of a dining area, but it does not capture the whole room. Take a few steps back and make the most of your images!

2- Make sure the photos are clear and of good quality

3- Clear the room of any unnecessary clutter or trash

4- Do not have pets or people in your photos. While Fido may be cute, he does not need to be in your rental advertisement.


5- If taking photos of the exterior of your rental, try to capture it on a sunny and blue skies kind of day!

♦What are the best images should I include in my rental ad? ♦

Include photos of the main living spaces and areas in your rental.

1-  Photo of the outside of the house or apartment complex

2- Photo of the kitchen

3- Photo of the bathroom

4-  Photo of any unique feature or amenity that may set your rental apart

5- Photo of main living space

Post at least 5 photos of your property for best results !

Happy posting!

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