sep Introducing Resident Buddy – Rental Life Simplified

Introducing Resident Buddy – Rental Life Simplified

January 14, 2013 – 5:45 pm

We are very excited to announce the launch of our newest product called Resident Buddy, a communication tool designed to simplify the rental life. 

Apartment dwellers, Resident Buddy was designed from the ground up, just for you! The Resident Buddy team spent countless hours, finished way too many red bulls, and survived more than a few nerf wars to bring you a communication tool where every single detail was designed to simplify and improve your life. So here’s how it works!

Resident-Buddy-Demo from on Vimeo.

With Resident Buddy you can take care of the day-to-day business of being a renter 24/7 on any device with the Pay Rent and Maintenance request feature (how nice is that!?), because we know how nice it is to take care of business – quickly and with zero hassle. But the best part of Resident Buddy is that you finally have a simple, easy way to meet and connect with your neighbors using a feature called The Exchange.

Can we share a secret with you? Right now, your wonderful neighbors have furniture they can’t use anymore that they’re trying to sell, and they have tickets to the game this weekend that they can’t use and want to get rid of, oh and there are a handful of people who work in the same office building as you and would love to share a ride to work. Did you know all of that? You will now, with Resident Buddy’s Exchange.

The Exchange looks a little bit like Pinterest (so it’s fun to browse around), but it’s designed to help you discover the items for sale and services offered from your neighbors; yep those wonderful people right down the hall. So what about the concert tickets, or furniture you’ve been been searching for, or how about that ride to work that would make your life so much easier?! It could all be hiding right under your nose, only footsteps away. Oh, and Resident Buddy can be accessed only from people in your rental community. How nice to be able to buy a couch from your neighbor instead of a stranger you’ve never met on craigslist. Words of wisdom from the Resident Buddy team; stay away from stranger danger!

Your neighbors can help you in so many ways, but have you ever wondered why its easier to add your neighbor to facebook, than it is to go next door and have a conversation face-to-face?

Resident Buddy changes that! It’s time to reconnect with your neighbors and take advantage of all your community has to offer.

And you’re busy, right? We get it, so you can use Resident Buddy anywhere, anytime from almost any device you can get your hands on, with the exception of two cans on a string (which we’re working on).

So go ahead and dive in. It’s time to discover your community!

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