sep 3 Steps to discovering your WHY

3 Steps to discovering your WHY

May 3, 2013 – 2:47 pm


Chances are you know what you do in your business. But have you ever tried to answer WHY it is you do what you do?  It’s HARD!

A few weeks ago we stumbled across this Ted Talk from Simon Sinek. We watched and then experienced a moment of pure panic. No one on the team could answer with clarity why it is we do what we do at rentbits.  So, a week later we shut ourselves in a room and after two hours, a few beers, frantic write-board brainstorming, watching a few oldschool Apple commercials, and staring at a poster of the Wright brothers( you’ll understand when you watch the Ted Talk) - we emerged with our WHY. We’ll share what we came out with in a moment, but first, a little bit about how we got there and how you can too.

3 Steps to Discover Your WHY

1. Watch this TED talk and have everyone on your team watch it and come prepared to discuss.

2.  Get in a room (beers optional) and let the “why’s” pour out from you and your team. Capture them all on a whiteboard. Check the picture of our “whys” here <link to blog>.

3. When you look at all the “why’s” on the board, ask your group this; “of all the things you do in this business, what makes you feel the most alive and the most passionate? When you think about what you’re doing at that moment, ask yourself why you feel that way.”

For our team, the “aha” moment came when our senior designer Kelly, exclaimed,“ I love when we launch a new product - like we just did for resident buddy. Why? Because I know without a doubt that its going to help renters LOVE where they live. I want renters to LOVE where they live!”

That was the catalyst and the why’s came pouring out of everyone…

“Because I want property managers to  LOVE their job!”

“Because I want property managers to LOVE what our products do for their retention rates.”

“Because I believe renters should LOVE where they live!”

Needless to say it was a room full of love, and it became pretty clear why it is we do what we do at rentbits.

Because we believe renters should  love where they live. And we mean REALLY love where they live. And because property managers should LOVE their work.

This week we released our new rentbits website, and we hope you’ll take a peek because it was designed for you, with a lot of love in mind;  to give you access to everything you need to help your residents and tenants love where they live, and to give you another reason to love what you do.

Here’s to your why and all that it inspires!


The rentbits team

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