sep 9 Colorful Alternatives to Painting Your Apartment Walls

9 Colorful Alternatives to Painting Your Apartment Walls

January 9, 2013 – 7:25 pm

One of the challenges of apartment living is making your space feel like home without painting the walls. Maybe you want a purple accent wall, but your apartment is all vanilla and you’ve signed a lease that won’t let you change it. These are 9 apartment tips for alternative ways to add color.

  1. Painted furniture. A purple kitchen table or headboard may take your mind off the walls. If you’re unsure of your technique, hire a professional or practice on garage sale finds. It’s not that difficult to get great results as long as you clean and sand the surfaces thoroughly and invest in good quality brushes.
  2. Area rugs: The floor is a big part of any room. Pick a design you love and use a rug pad to keep it looking good for years.
  3. Drapes and Curtains: Window treatments are not just for windows. Use a curtain as a closet door. Install drapes over the wall. It will make it look like you’ve got great big windows.
  4. Flowering plants: Cut flowers are beautiful but it’s expensive to replace them all the time. Some easy care plants will last for years. Try African Violets or Peace Lilies.
  5. Couch throws: Your couch may be your most expensive piece of apartment furniture. Show it a little love with a decorative throw. A heavyweight cashmere cover might cost more than the couch or buy several more casual throws that you can switch according to your mood.
  6. Outdoor furniture: Outdoor tables and chairs often come in fun colors. Park a pink plastic stool in your bathroom.
  7. Pillows: Pillows are another obvious solution. Build up a collection of different shades and shapes.
  8. Bookcases: Line the back of your bookcase shelves with colorful paper or fabric. It will add some eye appeal.
  9. Lighting: Good lighting can make any walls look better. Aim for layers of light. Use table lamps and floor lamps. Install shades and dimmers to soften the effect.

You can give your apartment a brand new look without ever going near the walls. A little creativity and careful shopping is all it takes.

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